Nail Fungus Treatment Guide:
How to Restore Clear,
Beautiful Nails


Are you ready to tackle that nail fungus and make it go away for good? Before you get started, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Nail fungus can be cured. It takes a topical solution which specializes in nail penetration, a very specific treatment approach and some amount of dedication, but ultimately, it works!
  • The sooner you start treating it, the easier the process is, so don’t procrastinate.
  • The trick is to make sure that the topical solution actually penetrates to the nailbed, because that’s where the fungus lives. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you!
  • You can actually get your nails back to beautiful. Once the infection clears, new nails will grow back and with a little bit of care and prevention, you’ll be fungus-free again!
  • It’s not a pretty process. Prepare yourself for some unsightly moments. Know that it’s worth it!

If you need any help along the way, we’re here for you. Get in touch with us.

Things you'll need:
Things that’ll help:

Step # 1 - Cut and trim your nails

1. Cut your nails as low as possible, i.e. as close to the infected area as possible. Do your best, without pushing to the point of pain.

2. Run the nail file along the top, sides and front of the nail.

It’s important because: reducing the nail mass allows the topical solution to penetrate to the nail bed, where the fungus lives.

Step # 2 - Wash and soak your nails

1. Soak your nails daily in warm water. It doesn’t have to be for very long, but try and do it at least twice a day.

2. Wash clean. Scrub the infected nails (gently), and the area around the nails.

It’s important because: this softens the skin around the nails, increasing the effectiveness of the topical treatment.

Step # 3 - Apply EmoniNail topical solution

1. Dry the infected area completely.

2. Using the brush applicator, apply the solution liberally onto the top of the nail. Use short, even brush-strokes directed towards the body.

3. Apply the solution onto the nail front, which is the entry point for the infection.

4. Apply the solution onto the surrounding skin.

5. Wait for at least 10 minutes for the treatment to dry.

It’s important because: this is what is actually going to get rid of that nail fungus!

Step # 4 - Prevent reinfection

1. Rotate your footwear, and try for open-toed shoes or sandals when the weather or the state of your nails allows.

2. Change your socks every day, and try our Anti-Fungal Copper Socks for good measure.

It’s important because: fungus can come back, and it’s very important to make sure that you don’t give it a sustaining

Step # 5 - Grow clear fungus-free nails

Ok, so your body already knows how to do this. Help it along with a healthy diet and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Try our Nail Health Supplement for an added dose of all the ingredients you need to get those new nails to grow just a little faster!

Remember, each individual case of fungal infection is unique, and has its own timeline for the healing to happen, but the cure does take place, eventually. If you’re confused about any part of the process, remember that we’re here to help!

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