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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How Does EmoniNail Remove Nail Fungus?

EmoniNail is formulated to kill nail fungus at its source with direct application to the infected nails. The EmoniNail treatment process works to achieve active nail penetration which allows the topical formula to pass through the nail plate and deliver powerful antifungal agents directly into the nail bed where the fungal infection has taken root. Once the live fungus is eliminated new, clear nails can grow back in place of the stained previously-infected nail mass.

Q. What is your Money Back guarantee?

We guarantee satisfaction with our product. If you receive your order and are not satisfied (for ANY reason), you may return the product to us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

Q. Why should I use a topical solution instead of other methods?

Topical solutions provide an incredibly straightforward and easy form of nail fungus treatment.

Q. Can I wear nail polish?

Unfortunately nail polish may reduce the effectiveness of EmoniNail by creating an additional barrier between the nail surface and the nail bed below (where the nail fungus lives).

Q. How long is the treatment?

Each case is different depending on the treatment’s ability to penetrate into your nail bed and the speed in which your body re-grows nails. If applied as directed it should take 2-6 weeks to eliminate the nail fungus.

New, clear nails will then be able to grow in behind the stained, deformed nails.

Q. How Do I Increase Treatment Effectiveness?

Here are a few things to consider that may help increase the effectiveness of your treatment:

1) Are you cutting and filing your infected nails, including the top surface of your nails? This is recommended to help reduce the infected nail’s mass and increase the treatment’s ability to penetrate below the nail (where the nail fungus lives).

2) When applying EmoniNail, do you apply liberally to the complete nail surface and the surrounding skin? Do you give the treatment enough time to air dry completely?

3) It is best to keep your feet as dry as possible as often as possible. Quickly dry them after bathing, change socks regularly, and wear shoes that allow for good airflow.

4) Have you observed any new nail growth behind the infected nail?

Remember that the treatment needs to penetrate the nail and access the nail bed below where the fungus lives. The treatment will kill fungus on contact. Once nail fungus is eliminated, new nails need to regrow in the place of the stained, previously infected, nails. If you have slow nail growth, treatment time may appear longer than the average.

Q. Is EmoniNail safe for children?

Our EmoniNail product is recommended for 18 years old and above.

When considering EmoniNail for children showing signs of nail fungus we recommend you consult a medical professional.

Q. Is EmoniNail safe for pregnant and those who are breastfeeding?

Our product is topical and not known to enter the bloodstream, but it has not been tested for use while pregnant or nursing so we can not recommend using it if you are pregnant.

Q. When to stop the treatment?

If you are observing new clear nails growing in behind the stained, infected nails you can begin to reduce the frequency of applications.

As long as new nails continue to grow in clear you can continue to reduce application frequency until stopping completely.

Q. Why is the Concentration of Undecylenic Acid only 10%?

The concentration of the active ingredient is not the only factor which determines a topical nail fungus treatment’s effectiveness. Undecylenic acid kills fungus on contact but it must first penetrate the nail and access the nail bed below (where the fungus lives).

Products with a higher concentration, or ones missing ingredients which help in nail penetration and anti-inflammation, may cause irritation to the skin around nails before the fungus is ever reached. Skin irritation will limit the frequency in which the solution can be applied.

Our 10% concentration is purposeful as we believe it serves as the ideal balance along with the other ingredients to allow for twice daily applications of nail penetrating, fungus killing, irritation reducing greatness.