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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers
Are Saying

We'd love you hear your story! Submit your photos at info@emoninail.com

We'd love you hear your story! Submit your
photos at info@emoninail.com

Keep using EmoniNail 2 times every day! I had 3 ugly toenails. I didn't like wearing sandals. I have used EmoniNail 2 separate times over a period of a year. All my nails or on the way to looking normal again. My suggestion is to keep using EmoniNail 2 times every day until you have the results you want. I plan to wear my sandals on my upcoming trip to Kauai.

Beverly D.

Orlando, FL

DONE DONE DONE! Clear nails! Clear nails are growing back! My toes are saved!! Thanks emoniNAIL

Adrian E.

Springfield, IL

So far so good. Bought for my wife's toenails that have been getting worse with all the other stuff she used on them. Tea Tree oil for example and they didn't seem to get much better. It seems nowafter a little over 3 weeks the nails are showing more normal color to them and much less of the yellow/tan stuff. They're looking better than they ever have with any treatment. Looking forward to the remaining 2 months to see if its totally removed.

Bill S.

Portland, OR

"I've had fungus toe nails since I was a teenager. I'm 70 now and it's just part of me. I've asked doctors how to get rid of this. They always shrug and tell me to live with it, which I did for 55 years. I saw an ad on the internet for Emoninail and I thought, why not? I never really believed it would work because nothing has ever worked in the past, but I thought I'd try it anyway.

The first two days on the treatment really amazed me. I could see the nails begin to clear up almost immediately. I'm on my third week. I follow the process and treatment tracker twice daily religiously. I've only missed a half a day once. I love checking off the daily tracker, which keeps me dedicated to continue the treatment. My nails are on their way to being pink and clear in only 2.5 weeks. Great product!"

Fred M.

Detroit, MI

The situation felt hopeless! First fungus on the nail of my big toe. It was a dreadful feeling to see this spread to all but one toe on my right foot. But I started using EmoniNail and slowly but surely my nails began to clear up. I'm still in disbelief.

Jen M.

Albany, NY

Fungus free! It took a bit longer than I expected but after two bottles, I think it is now safe to say I am nail fungus free. Thanks for checking in.

Mary W.

Cleveland, OH

I used the product for the past 4-5 months 2 times a day and my nail has just about grown out healthy and clear. I ordered a supply for my husband tonight. Customer service is phenomenal!

Mary H.

Columbus, OH

"Just wanted to let you know that this stuff WORKS!!! My husband has had ugly toenails for as long as I have known him. 20+ years. However, about 6 weeks ago, I noticed they were SO much worse. Not just yellowed and cracked, but HUGE growths under ALL nails, raising the nail enough that it was uncomfortable to wear any kind of shoe. He said it was fine, but I put my foot down. :( so to speak. After searching online, I ordered emoniNAIL.

After one week of use, my husband took it to this doctor when he went in for his regular checkup. She said non of those things work, and his best bet was to take a pill. He chose to not take a pill for many reasons, one being he is elderly and taking enough already. Not to mention side effects to kidneys and liver. After two weeks of use we noticed a might change. New proper nail growth could be seen at the base of nails. It has now been one motnh and they are starting to look terrific. I will take another month, I am sure, to bring them back to 'normal' Thank you, Thank you for this product."

Mickey B.

Arlington, TX

I would recommend EmoniNail if you are struggling with toenail fungus! It works! I have been suffering from nail fungus for over 5 years now and have tried multiple remedies including prescription-strength topical medicine. Unfortunately, nothing has seemed to work and in fact, my toenail fungus spread to the other toe this summer which had me very upset. I started looking for the best OTC treatment on the market and I found EmoniNail. I was skeptical at first because of so many failures but thought I would try it. I have been using it now for close to close 3 months and it's working. The process is very slow and you must be diligent with all steps of healing but it is working! I would recommend this product to anyone trying to fight nail fungus. Additionally, the support team there is amazing and is always giving helpful tips along the way. They check in often and their response time is very quick if you have a concern or questions.

Nancy S.

New York, NY

I was quite skeptical at first, didn't see much happen for the first 2 weeks except some redness disappearing. By week 4 my nails had softened dramatically. All the brittleness was gone. Now on week 6, and I can see clear nails growing in. This is a huge relief to finally be done with nail fungus after 15+ years. I appreaciate the followups.

Avi R.

Philadelphia, PA

In short time, I could see visible results. The nail bed has lost the "spongy" detritus from the fungus amd the surface of the nail has improved drastically. My fungus had a black coloration and my nails are now white, with what looks like a healthy nail growing in. I do find that the treatment requires significant maintenance: I whas, file and treat twice a day. But the results are worth it.

Susan B.

Baltimore, BD

Wow!! I have tried so many things but this worked and I am so happy to have healthy feet again!

Marianna N.

Trenton, NJ

I have been very happy with this product and can see much improvement in just a few weeks. Only my two big toenails were affected. I didn't even know I had toenail fungus all these years, I just thought I had weird toenails. After years of pedicures, one new pedicurist asked if I knew that I had toenail fungus and of course, I thought, ewww, no....gross! Not me! I'm thankful for her knowledge and honesty!

Amy H.

Memphis, TN

Finally got rid of my toenail fungus. Results!! This nail fungus cream actually works. The top right of the nail was completely yellow and black before I started using this. After only about a week it started to lighten. And I got optimistic. And then no real progress for about a month, and then I finally saw the nail starting to grow out and thanks goodness the new nail growing in was completely clear!

Abbey T.

Sacramento, TX

I am on bottle one of three. It had an effect within the first week. I do still use it 2-3 times a day under and on the big toe nail. I wear sandals most of the time. If it is hot and moist outside and I go for a walk, the fungus comes back. I am glad to finally find something that stops the fungus. I am just waiting for my nail to grow out and be connected to the nail bed again. I did not take a before photo.

Kate A.

Louisville, KY

I am just writing to thank you. Your product working exactly as advertised. Just bought 3 bottles for my elderly mom.

Sandy P.

San Diego, CA

Been using Emoninail for about 2 1/2 years on 7 toes & 3 fingers w severe problems. Toes are almost completely cured & fingers are about 80 cured. Prior to using Emoninail, I spent several thousand dollars over years w/o any real results. I am very pleased with Emoninail.

James F.

Washington, DC

I've been struggling for 20 years now with different degrees of discoloration. Only my left foot has ever been affected and I've tried many different topical meds plus laser treatments. The laser worked a little but not without added meds and it never ever really got rid of it. I've been using Emoninail and there has been a definite improvement. Let me be very honest and admit that I do not use it 2x day as recommended due to my own forgetfulness or laziness but it has helped even using it 1x day (sometimes even less if I'm running late). I'm going to try to do the daily recommendations because I have seen a difference -- nails are clearing up and becoming stronger. Using it 2x daily might move things past the plateau. I think this product actually lives up to the hype, is super easy to apply, and I would recommend it to anyone fed up with over the counter meds that fall short and waste our money.

Melanie L.

Boston, MA

As an update, my progress has been very interesting and successful as well. I used one and a half bottles of your emoninail. the initial response was that it killed off the fungus under the nail. I cleaned out the dead tissue and removed the nail that remained. Currently the nail bed has recovered and the new nail has grown out to about 90% of the normal length. so keeping nail trimmed and should be 100% by christmas!

Mike M.

California City, MI

Actual results. Not a hopeful miracle like your normal options at department stores.

Jake B.

Las Vegas, NV

Yay! Working! I started this in August I think. I had injured my toe a couple of years ago with a big air bubble underneath that never grew out. Later,i noticed the nail was not normal looking, yellow and weakened. I realized the injury allowed a fungus to take hold. I trimmed it down to the bubble spot and then started this program. It will be entirely normal before next summer, in time for a good pedicure. THANK YOU

Nancy B.

New Berlin, IL

Thank you EmoniNail! I tried many over the counter remedies to no avail. Things such as, Probella, Ganeden cream, Fungus Stop, Emuaid Max Ointment, Formula 3, 100% Tea Tree Oil, Nonyx Nail Gel, Kerasal, Fungi Cure, and TNT Gel. I also used a prescription cream, Econazole Nitrate. I also had numerous laser treatments, 4 treatments in 2016 and 3 treatments in 2017. None of the above treatments improved my toenail fungus. Then on 9/24/18 I started using EmoniNail on my toenail fungus. Initially I didn't thing that it was working, because I didn't see any improvement for quite some time, ... But, I kept using it. Eventually it started working. Now my toenail looks normal. I spray Lysol Spray in all my shoes, right after I take them off, to keep from getting a recurrence of toenail fungus. I believe the EmoniNail and the Lysol spray are what finally got rid of my toenail fungus.

Pam S.

Sta. Monica, CA

This Stuff works really well. I've had rotten toenails for 20 years due to a soccer coaching mishap where i damaged my toenails so badly, they fell of and never grew back correctly. i don't actually even have an image in my head of what my nails looked like when they were healthy. i really have no recollection of what normal feet look like im so grateful to you and the engineers, designers, and all the team members at Emoninail. it's really really really nice to not be ashamed of my feed thanks!

Ulysses T.

Rochester, NY

Start Your Own Success Story, With EmoniNailTM

Start Your Own Success Story,
With EmoniNailTM

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  • Applies Easily with Topical Brush
  • Helps Clear Yellow Keratin
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