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Verified Buyer


It works!

I have been suffering from nail fungus for over 5 years now and have tried multiple remedies including prescription-strength topical medicine. Unfortunately, nothing has seemed to work and in fact, my toenail fungus spread to the other toe this summer which had me very upset. I started looking for the best OTC treatment on the market and I found EmoniNail. I was skeptical at first because of so many failures but thought I would try it. I have been using it now for close to 3 months and it’s working. The process is very slow and you must be diligent with all steps of healing but it is working! I would recommend this product to anyone trying to fight nail fungus. Additionally, the support team there is amazing and is always giving helpful tips along the way. They check in often and their response time is very quick if you have a concern or questions. I would recommend EmoniNail if you are struggling with toenail fungus! It works!


Verified Buyer


Keep using emoninail!

I had 3 ugly toenails. I didn't like wearing sandals. I have used EmoniNail 2 separate times over a period of a year. All my nails or on the way to looking normal again. My suggestion is to keep using EmoniNail 2 times every day until you have the results you want. I plan to wear my sandals on my upcoming trip to Kauai.


Verified Buyer


Now my toenail looks normal.

I tried many over the counter remedies to no avail. Things such as, Probella, Ganeden cream, Fungus Stop, Emuaid Max Ointment, Formula 3, 100% Tea Tree Oil, Nonyx Nail Gel, Kerasal, Fungi Cure, and TNT Gel. I also used a prescription cream, Econazole Nitrate. I also had numerous laser treatments, 4 treatments in 2016 and 3 treatments in 2017. None of the above treatments improved my toenail fungus. Then on 9/24/18 I started using EmoniNail on my toenail fungus. Initially I didn't thing that it was working, because I didn't see any improvement for quite some time, ...But, I kept using it. Eventually it started working. Now my toenail looks normal. I spray Lysol Spray in all my shoes, right after I take them off, to keep from getting a recurrence of toenail fungus. I believe the EmoniNail and the Lysol spray are what finally got rid of my toenail fungus.


Verified Buyer


Thank You EmoniNail!!

The situation felt hopeless! First fungus on the nail of my big toe. It was a dreadful feeling to see this spread to all but one toe on my right foot. But I started using EmoniNail and slowly but surely my nails began to clear up. I’m still in disbelief. Thank You EmoniNail!!


Verified Buyer


I have had success with your product!

I want you to know I have had success with your product! I put the product on my finger nails every day and night in October, November, December and now January and you can see the difference below. I am very pleased as I have struggled with bad fingernails forever. They really looked horrible for the first six weeks, but I could see it was working, so I kept applying the product. Even though the dermatologist said it was not nail fungus, it must have been, since no other products worked and this did. Thank you for a product that works!

Restore Clear Nails with EmoniNail™ - FREE BOTTLE OFFER

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  • Helps Clear Yellow Keratin
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  • It Works

Reviewed and writing contributions by

Dr. Rohanti Ravikulan

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)