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EmoniNail Topical Solution & Heavy-Duty Nail File

EmoniNail Topical Solution & Heavy-Duty Nail File

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EmoniNail™ Helps kill nail fungus at the source allowing clear, beautiful nails to regrow. Our nail penetrating treatment process and blend of powerful active ingredients, essential oils, and plant extracts, creates the most complete topical nail fungus treatment on the market.

Prepare yourself to face that nail fungus with tools to match. Your nails tend to turn traitor and protect the fungus, so keep them well-filed with this heavy-duty nail file. This also makes your topical treatment all the more effective.

The EmoniNail Heavy-Duty Nail File is made of stainless steel and can take on even the hardest of toenails. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use when filing your toenails before applying any bacteria-killing topical solution.