EmoniNail Complete Finger and Toenail Fungus Removal Kit

EmoniNail Complete Finger and Toenail Fungus Removal Kit

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EmoniNail Complete Finger and Toenail Fungus Removal Kit is the ultimate toolset to restore clear, beautiful nails.

This comprehensive kit contains a topical solution which specializes in nail penetration (learn more about how to effectively beat nail fungus). The kit also includes tools needed to maximize complete fungal elimination and healthy nail regrowth, and a protective hand/foot wash and copper-lined socks which keep nail fungus from ever coming back.

Here’s what you’re getting in the kit:

Emoninail’s Topical Treatment with a brush applicator, for penetrative nail cleansing and easy application.

Emoninail Heavy-Duty Nail File: It tackles the hardest and thickest of nails, easily breaking and filing the nail down to make sure the topical solution can reach any underlying fungi.

EmoniNail Tea Tree Oil Nail Wash Anti-Fungal Hand/Foot Cleanser - it helps wash away bacteria and fungus from your hands and feet, making for an effective preventive mechanism.

Emoninail Nail Health Supplements to strengthen nails and make them grow faster. As dietary supplements, they contain all-natural ingredients with the essential vitamins and minerals to improve the condition of nails as they grow.

Emoninail Copper Socks - the ultimate prevention method. They are made from cotton and spandex, interwoven with antimicrobial copper thread to protect your feet from bacteria and fungi. These socks keep your feet soft and fresh, and free from dampness and moisture.

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