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Media & Affiliate Partnerships:

EmoniNail™ and GG Healthworks, Inc. are looking for high quality media partnerships which help us accomplish our mission: Eliminate Nail Fungus

If you share our mission and are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities please find our affiliate program on ShareaSale.

Affiliate Program via ShareaSale.

Signup Instructions:

If you are already a registered affiliate on ShareaSale:
Step 1) Find us by clicking the button above or using the ShareaSale search box and apply to join our program. Merchant Name: GG Healthwroks, Inc, Merchant ID: 72518
EmoniNail™ - Nail Fungus Treatment

How to register as an affiliate on ShareaSale:
Step 1) Click Here to sign up as a ShareaSale AffilaiteEmoniNail™ - Nail Fungus Treatment

Step 2) Follow the on-page instructions
Step 3) Once you’re signed up use the search function to find us, merchant ID: 72518.
EmoniNail™ - Nail Fungus Treatment

For more information, contact: affiliates@gghealthworks.com