How to Use

How to Apply EmoniNail™ Treatment

Step 1

How to Use EmoniNail1
Cut and File Infected Nail

Reducing Nail Mass Helps Treatment Penetrate to Nail Bed

Step 2

How to Use EmoniNail2
Thoroughly Wash Infected Area and Dry Completely

If Possible: Use Warm Water to Loosen Skin Around Nails.

Step 3

How to Use EmoniNAIL 3
Apply Treatment to Entire Nail

Focus on the Front, Side, and Base of Nails.

Step 4

How to use EmoniNAIL 4
Allow Treatment to Dry Completely – Apply Twice Daily

Once Fungus is Dead, New Clear Nails Will Grow in the Place of Infected Nails.

How it Works

EmoniNail is designed to penetrate the nail bed and destroy fungus where it lives.

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EmoniNail™ Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you don't see results within 60 days, we'll refund your purchase. No questions asked.

How to Use

EmoniNail works and is easy to use with these simple instructions and the included brush applicator.

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